The Spring Summer Collection S.U.D. was conceived during quarantine days.

Stuck at home and full of uncertainty and fears, the only thing that the Italian law allowed me to do in the three long months of spring 2020 lockdown were solitary walks in my neighborhood.

At the time, we still knew almost nothing about the Covid-19. We didn’t know what was going to happen, and I was afraid for me, for my loved ones, for the future.

While I was in this state of mind, around me spring was blooming, splendid and heedless of what was happening to human beings.

A magical silence resounded in my neighborhood. No more cars, sirens, streetcars, horns. Instead, I could hear the birds, the bees, the wind. The sky was as blue as I had seen in a long time over the rooftops of Rome.

While man was silent, I discovered that in my neighborhood there were cicadas in the fields and parrots on the trees.

Two phrases resounded in the chaos in my head and soul : “When man is silent, nature speaks” and “Spring will come again”.

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  • Caterina Moro-The Spring_Summer Collection S.U.D.
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It was the starting point for the creation of my Spring Summer 2021 Collection.

In my solitary walks of the following days, I took my cell phone with me to capture the spring blooming around me, heedless of the problems of mankind.

Large flowers of Hypomea and Bougainvillea, and then Wisteria, Roses, Ivy. These pics became macro photographic prints on silk organza and pleated recycled polyester georgette.

I designed the collection with the purpose of bringing back to the prints of Spring Summer 2021 that spring that we were missing in 2020, and that many, less fortunate than me, had been able to observe only through a window.

S.U.D. SS 2021 Collection was designed in Spring 2020 as a wish made to you and to myself: the wish that in Spring 2021 we would have a vaccine, that we would start socializing again, that we would go out into the sun and the light.

Maybe not everything I dreamed of happened, but fortunately that dream came true, at least in part.

I wish you the most beautiful Spring and Summer ever,