My grandmother Italia used to spend her summer vacations in Senigallia.

When I was a child, on my way home from school I would stop to eat at my grandparents’ house. I couldn’t wait to finish lunch so I could get to my favorite hobby: opening my grandmother’s photo albums and looking at pictures of her vacations.

To me, those photos were the gateway to an imaginary and wonderful world of glamour and sunshine.

My grandmother looked beautiful to me. She was a diva to my eyes, and I was trembling with dreams of the moment when I too would be grown enough to dress like her.

When I designed the knitwear capsule for the Spring Summer 2021 collection, I went back to those memories.

To the memory of my grandmother wearing a bikini on the beach, of my grandmother on a bike or on a Vespa on her wedding day.

Thus I designed a capsule of minimal knitwear with a glamorous and retro touch. A capsule that winks at the divas of the 50s, although to me the most beautiful diva of all was my grandmother Italia.

My greatest joy would be to have her still here to wear my creations with her own personal and glamorous style.

I am sure she would have loved them too.

Wish you a nice weekend,



My grandmother Italia used to spend her summer vacations in Senigallia
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