Alberto Audenino’s last AW22 collection celebrates freedom and female empowerment. The main inspiration comes from the 80s with excesses and its music, which is contributing to the powerful setting during the fashion show.

The collection starts with strong animal prints and then moves on with velvet, laces and elegant leather. It is all showing the designer’s belief that women are powerful and don’t have to be afraid to dare.
This is also highlighted with the beautifully crafted suits. The jackets, with their broad shoulders, are embellished with shiny buttons and worn with matching flared pants. The tailoring part of the collection is paired with matching coats, which are a testimony of the extraordinary growth of the designer.

Black, as seen in all Audenino’s collections, is one of the main colours and it is a symbol of mystery and timeless elegance. The other color of the collection are very bright tones of red, royal blue and white to underline the desire to celebrate life after over two years of pandemic. Overall, everything in the collection, from the shiny colors and prints to the unique shapes, aim to inspire women to be bold and not to be scared to go beyond limits.