The ’22 Spring - Summer collection by

The ’22 Spring – Summer collection by Caterina Moro revolves around the Sea Lily, a plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean. In winter it spends a period of complete rest losing all the portion above the ground and then strongly reappears in summer season. Its white flowers float in the water and can be pushed by the currents into distant territories. The Sea Lily is a symbol of perseverance and resilience, declined on the iconic pieces of the collection. A new concept of beauty, that blooms where it isn’t expected: on a dirty wall or on a sand dune.

Caterina Moro explores the lightness of the Sea Lily in collaboration with the Italian street artist Lucamaleonte. Printed by organic colors, the Lilies embellish raw linens and silks conceived as a wall to paint on, or the sand dune where the flower finds shelter.

The pleating is declined on white denim and recycled polyester georgette, while hints of draping embellish dresses and suits. A capsule of jacquard knitwear in organic cotton and tricot silk tape completes the collection.

The color palette revolves around white, sand and beige, along with vitaminic shades such as lime, wisteria and bluette.

Moreover, the Wastemark Certified Recovered Fabrics show how the brand is embarking on an intimate and sustainable path towards luxury. In harmony with the planet.

Caterina Moro


The ’22 Spring - Summer collection by Caterina Moro

Designed by its namesake, the Caterina Moro women’s clothing brand debuted in 2018. Her collections, all made in Italy, combine the aesthetics of the past as seen and reinterpreted in the context of the present. The guiding principles of Caterina Moro incorporate accurate research of materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative production processes with a love of color and attention to detail. Long and mini-dresses with soft and sinuous lines fit a dynamic woman throughout her day, bestowing poetic allure without neglecting lightness and comfort.