Under the slogan “Rise”, the show will once again bring together the industry’s leading brands in Barcelona

BBFW (Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week), the world’s leading bridal fashion show, has unveiled the image of an event which, from 19 and 23 April 2023, will showcase the new proposals of the industry’s major domestic and international brands in an increasingly experiential format featuring the most innovative and creative bridal fashion. The event, organised by Fira de Barcelona, will promote sustainable fashion and internationalisation in order to meet consumer demand, drive business and move forward with future challenges.

Under the slogan “Rise”, represented by the image of a dynamic bride who’s full of life, the show suggests that the sector “take a leap” by projecting its creativity and innovation towards an increasingly sustainable, conscious, responsible and inclusive kind of fashion. The inspiration is the woman of today, in search of a new image that reflects her non-conformism and empowerment.

“Rise” also represents the overcoming of obsolete rules and learning more about the potential that the future can bring from a non-conformist and disruptive standpoint. In turn, BBFW shares the same attitude and will join up with the industry in reinventing the path towards a new kind of leadership.

As BBFW director Albasarí Caro declared, “we’re striving to create a show at which brands, designers, buyers and professionals can experience a new, creative and groundbreaking atmosphere that contributes to driving business and also helps us to explore how the industry can evolve and adapt to the demands of future brides. In this respect”, added Caro, “while constantly focusing on the sales area, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week will enhance its role as an epicentre for business and a platform for the generation and popularisation of contents relevant to the brands and buyers, who will thus not only play a starring role, but also become the main prescribers”.