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AltaRoma Fashion Runway 2023

Emilia-Romagna countryside, slow rhythms, and sartorial precision. Dennj learns fashion hands-on. Everything begins with a small capsule collection made of deadstock and vintage fabrics, then the dream levitates. With the help of a brief, but necessary parenthesis at a fashion school in Milan – the city he elects as his hometown – he learns the language of fashion, the mechanisms of the industry. With such added value, soon he goes back to his personal testing ground, his sewing machines. Here he designs, experiments, tries, imagines, and develops. He achieves dexterity. An exercise in style he never neglects, not even for a single day. A positive, fertile, and creative tension.
Dennj shakes and re-elaborates the traditional mechanisms of production, without pulling away from the classical and ethically aesthetical idea of beauty, which is declined in every garment, and gets contaminated with personal suggestions. Dennj transposes his passion for vintage fashion and his knowledge of historical archives in his cuts and in the fabrics he selects. His models are never just a reproposed version of an old-style look, quite the contrary, they are innovative, and modern.
The transition from the idea of an archetypal, iconic garment to the garment itself, wearable and versatile, is the most intense part of the job. It is both a strictly sartorial process, in its most traditional, Italian meaning, as well as it is constantly counterposed by multifaceted and alluring, last-minute propositions and ideas.