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una femminilità senza tempo


ANNAGIULIA has always been able to define itself as
slow fashion thanks to its deliberate slowness and
attention to the whole production process that comes out of the rules imposed by the big market.
In addition to producing only to order, which has always been the brand’s philosophy, for this collection it also approaches uncycling by using precious Italian fabrics from the archives, delicate lace and embroidery from years of research and travel, revisiting historical patterns and unprecedented dresses that have never seen the light of the catwalk.
ANNAGIULIA’s style has always revolved around the concept of externalizable lingerie, and in this collection this stylistic signature is even more noticeable.
The styling defines the attitude of the collection: we notice delicate chiffons and silk satins with lace inlays and feminine transparencies contrasted with slightly more structured looking cadys and taffettas that create a bold romantic look.
Hand dyed laces create elegant and curious details.
The palette ranges from shades of antique pink, lead gray, sky blue, feminine lobster and fuchsia, and the
ever present navy blue.
A collection that gives a strong message of a feminine woman who appreciates the value of time and loves it so much that she uses it to travel through fashion between past, present and future.


ANNAGIULIA FIRENZE è un family business composto da un team di donne, tre sorelle, con un background familiare di attività sartoriale ed artigianale dal 1947. Nel 2016 creano ANNAGIULIA FIRENZE ponendo come linea guida una femminilità senza tempo, una silhouette ispirata al mondo della lingerie e l’utilizzo di tessuti pregiati Italiani, quali eleganti sete unite o stampate Comasche e velluti Veneti, Scozzesi, morbidi mohair e gli immancabili pizzi Italiani e francesi, must have del brand. Tutto realizzato interamente a mano vicino Firenze, e presso l’Atelier nel cuore di Roma. Proprio grazie a quest’ultimo, il brand incontra quotidianamente clienti italiani e stranieri realizzando il vero Made to Order, e collaborando con stylist e costumisti di cinema e teatro.